Winter gear – doggy boots


I never thought I would dress my dog with boots and hoodie .  I always felt like a dog wearing clothes, boots, and costumes are unnatural and silly ( no offense to people who like dressing dog).  Regardless of how I felt about it,  I purchased boots and hoodie for Lady this winter.  This is the second winter together with Lady and it has been unusually cold January.  We got hit by two snow storms and temperatures were in the single digits most of the days.  Lady usually enjoy playing in snow.  Especially, she love playing with fresh powder snow, but when temperature hit a single digit, she was not enjoying outside anymore.  Her paws were all cracked up and she looked like she was so much in pain walking on the ground covered with ice and snow.   Sometime she walked few steps and sat down with her both paws up, so I had to carried and brought her inside.  She weigh around 56lb, so it was not that easy for me to hold her and walked on snow covered ground.  She was also shivering constantly and we knew we need to get her proper winter gears.

dog winter gears, dog boots, faux fur lining

dog winter gear, dog boots

We got two types of boots for her to try.  The first boots she tried was “Good2Go Cozy Boots” from a local pet store.  I loved the soft materials and faux fur lining used for the boots, but it was too hard to put on because of the narrow opening on the boots.  We tested the boots inside first and took her outside, but the boots came off as soon as we went outside. Lady also struggled to walk in the boots and stumbled a lots. I think it is difficult to walk in the boots with rubber soles for the puppy who are trying the boots for the first time.

dog, winter gears, dog boots, ultra paws

dog boots, dog winter gears, ultra paws

The second boots she tried was “Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots” from Chewy.  These were much easier to put on and she didn’t struggle or stumble to walk with.  As soon as we went outside, she was running around as usual and enjoying some outside playtime.  We were outside for about 10-15 min, but the boots didn’t came off at all.  I was so happy to see Lady playing outside without in pain.  The materials used for the boots almost felt like too hard when we tried for the first few time, but after they were broken in, it’s got much easier to put on and tighten the two velcro straps.   We have been using the boots for almost a month and we still love them.  We will enjoy more outside playtime this winter with this boots!